Code of Conduct


UFL COC Agreement


The United Football League understands that one of the critical components of our game is the passion that people show for the team and league that they support. That said, we realize that sometimes those passions can cause negative situations to arise.
As a community, we all have the responsibility to work together in the attempt to eliminate this negative passion.
All participants and supporters of the UFL must adopt the codes of conduct outlined below for their specific role and be fully in support of the consequences for any breach of the codes.

░▒▒██► EVERYONE ◄██▒▒░

• Act within the rules and spirit of Second Life football
• Promote fair play over winning at any cost
• Treat each person as an individual
• Show respect and courtesy to all involved with the sport
• Respect the rights and worth of every person regardless of their age, race, gender, ability, cultural background, sexuality or religion
• Respect the decisions of refs, team owners and league staff
• Act with integrity and objectivity, and accept responsibility for your decisions and actions
• Ensure your decisions and actions contribute to a harassment-free environment
• Do not tolerate abusive, bullying or threatening behavior.
• Respect the effort and performances of players and refs.

░▒▒██► UFL STAFF & VOLUNTEERS ◄██▒▒░

• Act honestly, in good faith and in the best interests of the sport as a whole
• Conduct league responsibilities with due care, competence and diligence.

░▒▒██► TEAM OWNERS ◄██▒▒░

• Support the enjoyment of the game.
• Lead by example and respect all players, teams, coaches, refs, spectators, volunteers and league staff. Verbal abuse will not be tolerated.
• Recognize all volunteers who are giving up their valuable time.
• Be available to your team as the first line of taking suggestions for improvements and in resolving complaints.
• Abide by and teach the UFL Code of Conduct and Game Play Rules.

░▒▒██► COACHES (Player & Cheer) ◄██▒▒░

• Help each athlete/cheerleader to reach their potential. Respect the talent and goals of each person and encourage them with constructive feedback.
• Understand that you must maintain a standard of behavior and conduct in the best interest of the game and the players/ team staff in your care.
• Act as a peacemaker in the event of disagreements within your team.

░▒▒██► REFS ◄██▒▒░

• Be consistent, impartial and objective when making decisions
• Address unsporting behavior and promote respect for other players and refs
• Attend required training and know the rules of the game so you can make the right calls

░▒▒██► PLAYERS ◄██▒▒░

• Play by the rules of the UFL, your team and the rules of the game.
• Be respectful of the calls made by refs – they are trained for their position and without these people, you can’t play football.
• Do not disrespect other players by engaging in verbal abuse or bullying as this will never help you enjoy or win any games.
• Be a team player – it’s a team game, treat it that way.
• Treat others fairly – just as you would like to be treated.
• Play the game for your own enjoyment and to improve your skills.
• Address any suggestions for improvements or any complaints with your team owners first

░▒▒██► CHEERLEADERS ◄██▒▒░

• Squad members are required to maintain and uphold the reputation of the UFL through their own conduct and squad spirit.
• All cheers and chants shall be of a positive and sportsmanlike manner.
• Cheerleaders will make every attempt to ignore or dissuade negative responses at events and not become involved in such action themselves



• For extreme rule or conduct violations, the issue will go up in front of the leagues team owners for a vote.
• Consequences of such offenses will be determined by the owners on a case by case basis.

By signing this Code of Conduct, I agree to abide by these principles. I support the UFL in its undertakings and encourage the UFL to take any necessary disciplinary actions including the suspension and banning where warranted of any player, cheerleader, volunteer, staff or spectator for repeated or serious breaches of this Code of Conduct.